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Take the Tassie Farmed Salmon Pledge!

From marine dead zones to mass fish kills - the Tasmanian salmon industry is facing multiple sustainability and animal welfare challenges. Salmon industry pollution, including millions of kilograms of salmon poo, is damaging Tasmania's precious marine environment and the industry is expanding further into habitat for rare and endangered species like the Southern Right Whale and Spotted Handfish.

We need the salmon industry's customers and potential customers to help us send a clear message that this isn't okay. Will you pledge to only buy salmon once the industry has made major improvements to sustainability and animal welfare? We'll also add your name to the list to receive a free, traffic light rating of each salmon brand's sustainability practices. You can use this to help you stick to your pledge - avoiding salmon brands who are doing the worst on sustainability. 

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    I pledge that I will help protect Tassie's rare marine life by only purchasing Tasmanian farmed salmon once the big three salmon companies - Tassal, Huon and Petuna, have made major improvements to their environmental and animal welfare practices. That means the industry needs to transition to land-based salmon farming and at the very least, move out of low-flow sites that struggle the most to cope with pollution.

    The industry needs to significantly reduce the amount of marine life killed by salmon farming, including seals, birds and marine life under salmon pens. Habitat for rare, vulnerable and endangered species is not the place for industrial salmon farming, nor are areas of ocean with high conservation value or cultural significance. 

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